Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 19 - Emotional Healing

More illness, an injury, travel... so many urgent things to distract from what is truly important. Charles E. Hummel's "Tyranny of the Urgent" is a pithy missive which cautions us to beware of giving the best of our resources to the urgent--but often less important--demands of life.

By now we're nearly six months out from the initial goal of 30 days of spoken forgiveness (and I'm only on Day 19!). I've tried to be faithful to my promise to not approach thorny issues with others until my heart is right, but some things can't wait six months! Several topics have had to be addressed, but resolution has been elusive.

As I've tried to guard my tongue, it has seemed the Holy Spirit was a bit hamstrung by my lack of spiritual preparation. It's nearly impossible for me to speak His truth without adulterating it with my bitterness. His message--and work in the hearts of others--is suffering for it.

My doctor reminded me today that the various organs in the body are repositories for specific emotions. Resentment & fear in the kidneys (and by extension, the urinary tract). Bitterness stored in the gallbladder; grief in the lungs. These are all emotional wounds that I bear, and my physical body is paying a heavy price for them. I simply can't get well!

I find myself asking, "But how do I release these things?" By returning to the beginning; do the first works. Speak forgiveness every morning. Before anything else, speak to the Lord about my desire to trust Him to adjudicate old offenses.

Let the Great Physician do His work in my heart--and my body--by obeying His command to forgive. 

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